Earn money by referring clients

Multi-level commission structure available

Full support for large network builders

Fully transparent commission records

Automatic commission allocation

Custom network weboffice

Adjustable depth levels

Nowadays multilevel (Multi Tier) affiliate systems are becoming very common in the financial sector. There is an increasing number of money managing systems using this type of sales/referral system.

The multilevel account manager offers a multilevel commission system, thus, paying commissions to the affiliate for directly and indirectly referred clients.

Our system can be customized by the affiliate with sophisticated parameters such as commission entitlement level, or the allocation ratio of the commissions.

It’s an easy to use system that shows the number of clients referred by the affiliate partner, deposits and their status in relation of joining the DMAM.

For each level, the amount allocated for trading is shown. In other words, the affiliate has all the information needed available with a click of a button without waiving transparency and accuracy.