The most precise management system

Transparent tracking

Entry and exit do not affect open trades

Guaranteed capital protection percentage

High Watermark-based profit sharing

Dynamic MAM© is a patented and copyrighted innovation (Registration number: TXu 1-886-597). It is a MAM software that has been developed to the next level, possessing unique functionality that no other MAM has.

Unparalleled characteristics:

  • Accurate>> During calculations, it considers up to 10 decimal places, giving you full accuracy and transparency in trading results which no other system can do.
  • Easy>> The client can join and leave the DMAM at any time he wishes. After joining the managed account, the newly opened trades will have a LOT size that is relevant to the balance of the joining account. When leaving the managed account, the system will debit or credit the loss or profit, in relevance to the opened positions. Its accuracy is up to the 10th decimal point, and thus if a client leaves the managed account, the remaining clients in the system will not be affected due to unnecessary rounding.
  • Withdrawal Friendly>> Another characteristic of the system is the ability to withdraw free funds anytime. For example, if 30% of the funds are free, the client can withdraw that. The size of newly opened positions will be relative to the new equity of the account.
  • Automatic Capital Protection>> The system has an automatically managed capital protection feature. If the equity falls below the designated percentage, then the system will automatically cease trading and withdraw access from the money manager. Trading will only restart once the client gives a new mandate to the money manager, if he wishes.
By using the Dynamic MAM © and Web Office, the managed account trading becomes a precise, transparent, and controllable experience. Money managers, who are using our innovative systems including the Dynamic MAM©, have a huge advantage in client acquisition over the users of the ordinary MAM and PAMM systems.